Monday, May 07, 2012

Staging the House to Sell {in less than one week}

We sold our house in 3 days after putting it on the market.  Betcha didn't even know we were putting our house on the market.  Neither did I!

I would love to pretend all my hard work cleaning and painting the house is what got it under contract so quickly;  but God gets all the glory on this one.  It is nothing short of a miracle!

I pulled 3 all-nighters painting and cleaning (while my husband was out of town) to get the house ready.  We decided on a Tuesday we were going to list it... it was up and running by Saturday evening!

Our realtor gave us some great tips for staging the house and I'd love to share some of them with you here.  Some of the tips are his and some are my own.

White everywhere.

wall color:  Benjamin Moore Ashley Gray

This part of it was easy.  We have white slipcovers and a white duvet cover on the bed.  It really gives the "illusion of clean" as I like to call it.  Even the walls in most of the rooms are a version of white.  We have Sherwin Williams Antique White in the Kitchen and Kilim Beige in most of the rest of the house.

For $3 a piece I picked up some white bath towels at Target.  The hand towels were $3 for two.  I also found a white shower curtain on clearance at Home Goods!

I took some grossgrain ribbon from Dollar Tree and hot glued it into a loop to give the towels a little decorative touch.

I also rolled up some white washcloths and placed them in a basket

The washcloths were $3 for eight.  *Secret:  I bunched some old rags in the bottom of the basket.  The rolled ones were placed on top, so it looks full!

I painted the cabinet white and the walls a light blue-green color to create a "spa-like" feeling in the bathroom.

I chose Sherwin Williams' color "Watery".  Combined with the white towels, I think it does the trick!  I wish I had some "before" pics... just know this bath used to be chocolate brown with giant pink polka-dots.  I'm serious.  It was cute for my daughter, but I can't imagine too many people would be into that look.

In the downstairs bathroom, I spray painted this thing white (it used to be stained in a dark cherry)

I also placed out some loofahs and river rocks in a glass bowl on the bathroom counter.

and displayed some soaps that we had

Another big one:  Clean off your counter tops.

This means everything!  I don't even get to use my Keurig, so I pull my little coffee press out of the cupboard each morning.

The counter thing goes for your toothbrush and hand soap in the bathroom too.

We also got a storage unit to store any unnecessary clutter.  It was so worth the $30 a month!

Paint your woodwork (all trim and doors)!!!  I cannot emphasize this one enough.  It is time-consuming but so worth it.  Old trim can quickly make a house look so grimy, whereas freshly painted trim gives off a clean and crisp vibe.  As I was looking for our next house I noticed how the trim in the house influenced how I felt about the overall cleanliness.  And I'm usually a fixer-upper kinda person who can see the potential in a place!

 I really splurged here with Sherwin Williams Pro Classic paint.  It costs almost twice as much as some of their other paint, but it goes on so nicely and covers in one coat.  Time was of the essence here so I went for it.

Make it smell good.  I have a terrible sense of smell, but I do know no one likes a stinky house.  I don't know how people sold houses before Febreeze and reed diffusers.  Some of them smell kind of chemically, but I really am impressed with this one from Target.

Again, when we went looking for our next house I couldn't believe some of the smells in the houses.  A lot of them reeked!  There were quite a few that caused my 2 year old to ask, "what's that smell Mommy?" the second we walked in the door.  And this is a girl who will walk around in a poopy diaper, unphased.


We still have to get through the appraisal on our house so this isn't a done deal yet.  My God is bigger than any of the obstacles we need to overcome!  If it is in His will for us to move, I believe it will happen.

Prayer has been the number one factor in selling this house.  Praying for my own energy to get through all the work.  Praying for a buyer.  Praying for His will to be done in our lives.  We put calls out to all our close friends to join us in prayer and I believe it works.

So to sum it up:
*White stuff everywhere (towels, slipcovers, duvets, shower curtains, etc)
*Make the bathroom "spa like" (Sherwin Williams "watery" color on walls)
*Everything off the counters (kitchen and bath) 
*Store any stuff that is cluttering your home
*Paint your trim.  Paint your trim.  Paint your trim.

I also did a little chalk drawing on the blackboard wall in the kitchen...

Is this laying it on a little thick?  Maybe.  But I thought it was worth a shot ;o)  I was inspired by Dana Tanamachi's drawings.  I know it pales in comparison to her work, but it was my nod to her.

I'm really hoping to get back to blogging regularly... between the kids, work, and all the house stuff it has been nearly impossible.  Thanks for sticking with me through it!  I'll be sure to keep you updated when we hear anything.


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  1. Jamie, I'm not surprised your house sold so quickly. You did such a fabulous job staging it! It looks like a model home to me!

  2. holy moly, jamie!!!!!! WOW! first of all, congrats! second of all, what is the plan? where are you going???

  3. That is awesome! Nice work! All of the details help that is for sure. We sold our first house about 18 months ago. It sold on the first day to the first people who walked in the door. Those details make a difference!

  4. Congrats! That's awesome!!!! Are you staying local? Good luck on the house hunt! So excited for you!

  5. Oh my gosh! That was very quick!!! So happy that you sold it so fast in this tough market!!! So, where will you end up? Coming south to Annapolis??? (I hope)Staying where you are? Staying in MD?

  6. Great ideas! I love your chalkboard wall - and your handwriting - and your creativity :)

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies

  7. Congratulations on selling so quickly and good luck on the appraisal! Love your ideas about white! Joni

  8. Hi Jamie, I found you at Sugar Bee's Take a Look Tuesday. This is so great. I have to tell you I look at a lot of houses online and it's amazing how people do nothing to make their houses attractive (dare I say, even presentable) and they sit there unsold. You did such a great job and that chalkboard wall with the quote on it is perfect. Thanks for sharing these tips. I enjoyed your post. Hope you'll stop by and see me at Quirky Vistas sometime too! By the way, where did you find the white slipcovers? I've been searching for a white one for a loveseat and no one has white.


    1. I found it hard to find what I wanted and made some myself. Granted it was not a prefect job but one to get them covered using the same fabric and I could make them fit my couch easy. I was not going to use them to LIVE, I was using them to SHOW so I was able to use what was on sale for both couches, then I added the area and entrance rug (entrance rug was indoor outdoor rug that would go on a deck also) to freshen up the space. I am almost ready to show.

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is probably going to be my family real soon. I was sitting here overwhelmed. The tips are great and the reminder to pray, pray, pray puts all this back into perspective.

  10. You did a great job! I agree with you, the white really makes a big difference. And while I have never thought about it until you wrote it, I agree that bright white trim and molding make a huge difference. Fantastic Job and congrats on your house selling so quickly. Good luck on finding your next home.
    Have a happy Tuesday!


  11. These are great tips (and I'm not even listing my house). Thanks for sharing!


  12. Fantastic ideas! I'd love for you to add it on my link party at: Thanks!

  13. Great staging tips. Great advice too..once you put your house on the market, it's really not yours anymore and people want to be able to picture themselves living there. Great job. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign's Swing into Spring party.

  14. Fabulous tips! I'm visiting from Somewhat Simple's link party. So glad I found you. I'm your newest follower.

    {my simple messterpiece}

  15. Great tips and I totally agree on the freshly painted trim- it makes all the difference!

  16. WOW...what great tips!!! Tips I will not forget!! Found your link over at Gail's MRL!

  17. Congrats on a job well the chalkboard message.


  18. You are amazing! This post and your work are amazing. I will be pinning this post!
    You know, I always find myself clicking on your links from linky parties! It's always, "oh, I am here again!" and I always enjoy what I see! :)

  19. Well done and beautifully, too. Keeping sending those prayers and positive thoughts for the right buyer for your house!

  20. Great job. Your house is lovely. So glad you were able to sell quickly.

  21. Congratulations on selling so quickly! We moved so many times when I was a child, that my mama became as pro at prepping the house to sell!

    Come see my Cure for the Common Monday post:

  22. Congrats! new house looks great.

  23. I agree whole-heartedly about the trim. When we sold our townhouse, we were fortunate enough to be able to move into an apartment in the interim. The one thing my husband swears sold the place was the fact that I painted every piece of trim in the place. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes. I found you through CraftOManiac Monday Link Party.

  24. Thanks for linking up to Hoo's got talent! I featured this today!

  25. fab tips! (although I don't plan to sell or buy anytime soon) :)

    Everything looks great, and I love the chalkboard!

  26. Thanks for your fabulous tips, Jamie. We currently have our lake house up for sale (while living in our farmhouse) and staged it sparingly because we're using all of our furniture in our farmhouse. The rooms actually look so much larger and more spacious w/out any furniture in them. We did put a vintage round dining table/chairs in the dining room, fresh spa-like towels in the baths, and a thick cushy area rug in the entrance and hallway. It's been shown every weekend for the past month....but still no takers. We are praying, that's for sure...!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  27. We used a ton of your tips for prepping our house to sell. The listing just went live today. The link is on my facebook wall. Send your friends! (I can say that because your house is already sold and I won't be stealing any potential buyers from you.) ;)

  28. Good choice on choosing white as the dominant color, Jamie. It works well with contemporary spaces and creates a refreshing atmosphere. You’re also right. It helps to ask pieces of advice from the practicing individual on a certain field. As for housing, there are a lot of companies to ask suggestions from. Even online, there are companies that showcase information you need to know. Kudos to your hard work!

    Kathrine Landau

  29. Nice tips! I especially like the one with towels on the basket! That one is very sneaky, hehe! White walls will definitely make your house more appealing because it’ll help the buyers visualize their own design for the house and make it their own. Anyway, where did you move? I want to see your new house! =)

  30. Staging is important to make your house stand out among the rest. It’ll also increase the value of your home, as you make adjustments, minor renovations, and other easy on the pocket additions. Very great tips, indeed! Thanks to your realtor!

    -Lorrie Sermons

  31. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. Great Job and reminding me what I HAVE to do b4 I talk myself out of painting my trim. I better have the ceilinggs repainted too. I have 1 dark red wall in my kitchen and a light olive on the rest because I accent everything else black it worked (Black appliances, granite chairs etc.). My living room - rest of the high ceilings are grey so it all flows no matter where you are looking in the open space. But my olive green couches then may need white covers, paint the walls in kitchen, change the drapes.... Hum here comes the rationalization: maybe I can touch up all the exsisting paint. REPAINT the ceiling and Laundry room, repaint all the trim then add white everywhere and see if that is enough? hummm I thing I am going to have to turn my toy romm (second largest room in the house, back into a dining room. Move the semi- built in cabinets to the basement create the toy room down there and stage the dining room as a REAL dining room... ugh. I guess I have a lot of work to do.

  32. Staging a house is very important before selling and that's what your post all about. This is very impressive. Big thanks for sharing your insight.

  33. Staging is one of the most important process before selling your house. Yes, this is probably the most difficult part, but this is definitely the part that can increase your house's price value if the house has been fully repaired and renovated. I suggest that you start renovating the exteriors before the interior of your house. Remember to repair the most parts that are most visible first.

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  37. I just found your blog and I soooo hope you are right on this! Our house just went on the market a few days ago and our first open house is tomorrow. I had not see your blog before I "staged" our house. After I read it I was blown away. I have done everything you said to do and I have everything in white too! Crazy! as well as praying it sells quick. I hope your transaction was complete. Thanks!

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